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DELIVERY: All special orders over $200 free (up to 30 mile Calgary radius) otherwise $25 delivery fee. Schedule 3 – 4 days for delivery and call Cut Rite Meats for delivery details.

Due to credit card fraud, e-transfers accepted only for online orders.
To place and e-transfer, please designate a simple password within you bank transfer form.  Thank you.

Enter Cut Rite Meats’ Big Game Contest As a Cut Rite Meats’ Wild Game Customer you can win cash prizes, free processing & bragging rights for the biggest Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Moose or Elk.

Enter by giving Jimmy the Butcher a picture when you drop off your game or post on Cut Rite Meats’ Facebook.

Our custom game service is the best. Over 60 years experience cuting wild game. We NEVER mix meats. If you cut your own wild game, we provide cold storage service for you, ask Jimmy the Butcher for details. We are available outside of regular business hours (24 hours a day) for appointment only drop off of game meat. Please call (403) 272-5159 during our business hours to set up your appointment.

You go hunting, we take care of the rest! Ask us about jerky, smoked sausage, pepperoni, patties, steaks & all other cuts.

There’s nothing better than hunting your own game and then having it expertly prepared for your family.

That is why we offer custom prepared game cutting for $0.88 per pound.

Service includes:
Skinning, Head Remove, Heavy Lifting, Storage

Custom Services also include: 

  • -All Fresh Sausage $2.99 lb (Please specify Regular OR Spicy Sausage)
  • -Regular Sausage 11 lbs batch (Spicy Sausage 15 lbs batch)
  • -Omas Garlic Sausage Smoked $3.99 (15 lb batch)
  • -Farmers Sausage Smoked $3.99 lb (24 lb batch)
  • -Regular Smokies Sausages $3.99 lb (25 lbs batch)
  • -Smokies Cheddar/ Jalapeno/ Other $4.99 lb (25 lbs batch)
  • -Pepperoni $4.99 lb (25 lbs batch)
  • -Jerky $4.99 lb (10 lbs batch)


*Please ensure all game must have tag on it with sex of species.

Cut Rite Meats offers these excellent services throughout the game season, which closes at the end of December. More Info

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